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PhoneTogether Makes Campaign Calling Efficient

All the power of an online call-center in your hands. Use a small group of supporters to call a large group of campaign targets.

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How does it work?

How It Works

As organizer, you create a campaign
Set up your campaign, name and details.

You upload the names & numbers to be called
You write a custom script & share it with your callers
Add your caller script text, and design the web form with multiple choice questions or input boxes for your callers input notes and responses.

Callers each receive a unique list of targets to call
PhoneTogether will create a unique web page for your campaign. Invite your supporters to visit this page to start making calls. Each supporter will see a different phone number from your list.

They call their targets and track the responses
Callers input target responses into the form you designed. You can track and download the responses in real time.

Why Use Phone Together?

User-Friendly Interface

The simple, clean design allows your callers to spend time calling, not learning a new online tool.

Easy to Edit & Update

Track your campaign progress, update your call script, list, and campaign duration any time.

Embed Your Campaigns

1-click provides all the code you need to embed your campaign on your web site

Affordable Options

Pricing plans that scale to the size of your campaign and audience.



PhoneTogether was inspired in part by the call tool used by the Obama campaign to win the presidency — twice!

Watch a 2 minute video of that tool in action.

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